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Bellarose Bakehouse

Hello, my name is Emma and welcome to Bellarose Bakehouse. Whether you're stuck for gift ideas, looking for something different or you're on the hunt for that extra special birthday cake, you've come to the right place! I am a home baker based in North Somerset and I offer UK postal Brownies / Blondies and celebration cakes for all occasions.

What started as a therapeutic baking session on Sunday afternoons soon became a passion. I would search the internet looking for inspiration before setting my sights on my vision, just experimenting and seeing how it would turn out. Some were good, some not so much! But I always did enjoy taking my little creations into the office on a Monday and watching my colleagues argue over who was being greedy!

As the passion grew, so did my little side hustle and before I knew it I felt it was time to fully commit to Bellarose and leave London, heading for the hills in the hope of exploring dreams of my own little bakery. And I'm so glad I did! I have been busy creating all sorts, but most importantly I have finally perfected my Brownies & Blondies! If you haven't tried them yet, get your hands on the richest, fudgiest brownies you've ever had, I promise you will not be disappointed!  

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